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Monopoly Jr.®

Monopoly Jr. ® Rules

The Monopoly Jr.® game is for 2-4 players, ages 5-8.

    To be the player with the most money when another player runs out! To do this, "build" ticket booths on as many Boardwalk amusements as you can--then collect fees when other players land on them!


Monopoly® money

4 car movers


    Apply the pressure-sensitive “MONOPOLY® JUNIOR” label to the top of the case, placing it inside the depressed rectangular shape.

    Label the money clips in the corners of the lid. Apply one rectangular label to the top of a clip; place the matching color square label over the screw. Repeat for all money clips.

    Open the case and set both halves where everyone can reach them. Pick a car mover. This is the color you will use to show that you own a ticket booth. It is also the color of your personal money clip. Leave any extra movers next to the Chance spinner inside the case, out of play. Check the "property windows" on the game board space in the bottom half to make sure they all say "FOR SALE." If "FOR SALE" isn't showing, insert a car mover into the + and turn it to reveal "FOR SALE." Choose a player to be the Banker. The Banker separates the money into the different denominations and gives each player the following: Five $1's, four $2's, three $3's, one $4, and one $5. Put your money under your own money clip. Put the extra money in the upright bank slots. The Banker plays the game--but keeps the bank's money separate from his or her own! Spin the "dice" spinner in the case bottom. The player who spun the highest number goes first. Play passes to the left.

During the game, if you don't have the exact bill to pay what you owe, the Banker will make change for you!

    When you move your car from a Ticket Booth space, remove it carefully so you don't change what's in the window!

On your turn:

Put your car mover into the "Go" space. Now spin the "dice" spinner: Move your car that many spaces along the Boardwalk and stick its peg into the hole in the space. What you do next depends on what you land on! Here's what happens if you land on...

Another player's mover... Move to the next empty space.

An Amusement that is "FOR SALE"... You must buy it and set up a Ticket Booth. Pay the Banker the amount shown on the space. Now put your mover peg into the + shaped hole and turn it so the "FOR SALE" sign disappears and one booth in your color shows in the window. You're now in charge of this booth, and anyone who lands on it has to pay you the entrance fee shown in the Ticket Booth.

Somebody else's Amusement with his or her Ticket Booth color on it...Pay up! Pay the other player the dollar amount printed in the booth. And if that person has two booths showing, pay the total amount shown.

Your own Amusement... If you already own one Ticket Booth, you must buy the other one. Use your car to change the window to show two. If you already own both, your turn ends.

GO!... Every time you land on or pass GO, collect $2 allowance, from the Bank. Don't forget to collect, because if you do, you're out of luck!

A Railroad... Spin again, move, and follow the instructions on the space you land on.

Fireworks or Water Show... Pay $2 to see the show. Put the money in Rich Uncle Pennybag's Loose Change money clip located next to the "dice" spinner.

Rest Rooms... If you land here by a die spin, you are "Just Waiting."

Take the Tramway to the Rest Rooms... You must put $3 under Rich Uncle's Loose Change money clip, then move your car immediately to the Rest Rooms. Do not pass GO and do not collect $2. If the Rest Rooms are already occupied (by another player's mover), you do not pay and do not move there. On your next turn, continue play as usual.

Rich Uncle Pennybag's Loose Change... If you land here and there's any money under Uncle's money clip, take it all!

Chance?... Spin the Chance spinner in the case lid--and do whatever it tells you to do!

    Note: If the Chance spinner tells you to move somewhere but that space is already occupied by another player's mover, you do not move, and your turn ends.

"Go To" Spaces... Move your car to the space indicated, then do whatever you would ordinarily do (build a Ticket Booth, pay a fee, etc.) on that space. If you pass GO, collect $2.

2 Free Booths... What color did the spinner stop on? If that color space is unoccupied and has no Ticket Booths, or just one booth (yours or another player's), move your car to it and turn the knob to dial up two Ticket Booths of your color. If you passed GO, collect $2. If there are already two booths there of any color (yours or another player's), you're out of luck... your turn ends.

When one player runs out of money, the game ends and everybody counts up his or her cash. The player with the most money wins!


    In case of a tie, the tied player with the most Ticket Booths of his or her color is the winner.

    When finished playing, store all the money in the bank and put your car in the peg hole next to your own money clip.